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In 1964, the first U.S. arrival of four lads from Liverpool changed the course of music history, as well as the world, forever! Their mere presence in a room made adolescent hearts throb and traffic jams for hours in every major city they toured. We are talking about none other than the "Beatles", whose contribution to music defined an era. They affected every area of clothing styles, hairstyles, politics, protests, war, religion, and yes, Peace and Love!

Most of us never got to see the Beatles live because we either couldn't afford to buy tickets or were just too young to stay out past 8PM, but we were able to cling to an old album cover or photograph, hoping one day to catch a real glimpse of the Fab Four. Well, today, "Strawberry Fields" is here, a look-a-like, sound-a-like Beatles tribute, dedicated to bringing you, the audience, as close to a real Beatles concert as you can get. The band features true look-a-like performers, handpicked from hundreds of auditions, who speak in liverpludian accents and play on all of the vintage musical instruments that Beatles fans have come to recognize.

"Strawberry Fields" will take you on a Magical Mystery Tour through the 1960s beginning with the year 1964 complete with mop top hair, black suits with thin ties and the first four albums of music. Our next stop is 1967, featuring the psychedelic era of "Sergeant Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band" album with all of the costumes and hackets featured on the album cover singing all of your groovy favorites. Our last musical visit is where the hair got longer and the music more politically involved, featuring music from the "White Album", "Abbey Road" and "Let It Be".

"Strawberry Fields" has been performing to audiences of all ages for nearly a decade and in the past has featured guests from the Broadway cast of Beatlemania, as well as "Steve Holley", drummer for Paul McCartney who was featured on his second album "Back To The Egg". We have enjoyed many press reviews from several acclaimed journals, to name a few. We've most recently performed an exclusive engagement with "EMI" at "Ruby Foo's" in NYC.