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Pop and rock hit songs from the '80s.

FLASHBACK: THE EIGHTIES---a totally awesome time when people were "Workin' For the Weekend" and parachute pant-clad dudes donned their "Sunglasses At Night." It was a wicked cool time when valley girls wore mini-skirts and legwarmers while they "Walked Like An Egyptian."

The EIGHTIES . . . when "Video Killed the Radio Star!"

FLASHFORWARD: 2014---Six experienced and professional musicians, tired of hearing inferior cover bands murder the music of one of their favorite decades, put together an '80s band, dubbed appropriately enough: RUBIX KUBE.

With a strong male AND female lead singer, along with four polished musicians decked out in retro '80s attire, RUBIX KUBE is able to crank out pop and rock hit songs from the '80s--and perform them EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINALS, both musically and vocally, with so much charisma and energy, the crowd will bust more moves than a rubik's cube itself! Like---TOTALLY!

Rubix Kube IS the eightiest of the '80s.

Rubix Kube IS your '80s party.