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Top 40, Dance, Rock
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We call ourselves Pulse because that’s exactly what we provide for your special affair. A steady pulse of dance music from the 1940’s right on up to what’s being played today. A new four-piece band that is live, and electronic based, that makes our sound the size of eleven and twelve piece bands but without the expense they ask for. We, also, feature a well blended sound of male and female vocals.

A new band made up of a collection of four musicians that have been making parties a success for the last fifteen to twenty years. And since we’re an live/electronic band… we’re volume controlled that allows your guests to, not only dance the evening away, but your guests that haven’t seen one another in years to talk without walking out of the party with ringing ears.

Each of us has developed our entertainment skills in various bands that can give you anything from Frank Sinatra to Lady Ga-Ga and everything in between. Disco, New Wave, Big Band/Swing, Ballads, Rock and so much more. So the next time you consider entertainment for your affair… think Pulse… you can’t live without it!